Getting something printed is not always the simple task you expect; with so much choice the options can leave you confused.

At Charlie Victor we understand the factors involved in a successful print job. We have close relationships with a number of printers located around the UK and we select the ones that are best suited to your requirements, volumes and budget. As an integral part of our service, we will advise you on what will work for you and on other options that you might not have considered.

Digital Printing

For short runs and a fast turn around, digital printing provides the answer. Colours are vivid and print quality is often hard to distinguish from lithographic printing.

Lithographic Printing

Litho printing becomes more economical as volumes increase and the set-up cost can be spread further. The unit cost then decreases markedly compared to digital. Additionally more ink options and special processes are available.

Finishing and binding

We can provide any finishing or special processes such as laminating, spot varnishing, embossing and foiling, and can perfect binding or fold and stitch to your requirements.

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